Universal Surgical Mask with Ear Loops, 10-Pack

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  • Soft & easy to breathe through
  • Includes elastic ear loops
  • 10-Pack
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Universal Surgical Mask with Ear Loops, 10-Pack


  • Soft & easy to breathe through
  • Fluid resistant
  • Filters out dust, bacteria, smoke & pollen
  • Single use only
  • Includes elastic ear loops
  • Procedural face masks help minimize contamination and reduce exposure to blood and body fluid
  • Mask size is approximately 7" long x 3.5" high - but is pleated and expands to a larger size
  • Includes bendable insert to keep the mask secure on the bridge of the nose




4.0 / 5 (37)
AdrianQuiroz 18 days ago
Ran out already, but worked fine
Robert S. Veinot 28 days ago
No great shakes. Masks are now a dime a dozen. They were inexpensive and fit well.
William W Lanocha Jr 29 days ago
Thank You!
Cathy Bailey 0 day ago
Good product.
Katherine Heatley 21 days ago
Thank you for this product. I usually use the N95 because of better protection but sometimes they are just too heavy and these masks are perfect for when `you need something lighter so you can breathe.
Allen 23 days ago
they work.
David Rigsby 24 days ago
Use when wood working.
Tim Stovering 24 days ago
These were sent FREE! Thanks, I wear my mask when out and haven't had any illnesses for two years.
James A Nogle 0 day ago
ok except some strings come loose where they were fastened to the mask,
Robert W Cline 3 days ago
great they were free, what is there to say?
Brenda Jones 3 days ago
Great mask. came with my order and appreciated them. Thank you
Joe Wollenschlager 3 days ago
Got them as a bonus.
Cathy Kobilis 28 days ago
Nice surprise
michael brosky 29 days ago
Nice freebie!
David Bagwell 29 days ago
Nice. Handy. Thank you.
Robert J Dennis 9 days ago
Straight on Surgical Masks. Work well as one shot coverage when needed.
MELANIE 20 days ago
Excellent face masks and quick delivery! Initially, our order was short a couple of masks and as soon as I notified the company, they quickly sent out the remainder of the order. I know that the quality is there and, even with a higher cost, I appreciate that they are carrying a superior mask. So glad so many reviewers shared their high marks too. A lot of masks on other sites have very negative reviews. Even when this virus is done, I use masks when mowing our country property. Thank you.
Fred Wiseman 9 days ago
easy to put on and comfortable
elizabeth mackiewicz 4 days ago
Very good masks.
Stephanie Wilson 6 days ago
Received in a timely manner....
Daniel Welch 15 days ago
They fit good
William Wexler 16 days ago
I feel like I was ripped off with price I agreed to pay for these masks.
Francis Surawski 16 days ago
Good quality but I don't know what I should have paid. Did I get a normal price or a Covid price?
Thomas Avansino 16 days ago
Decent product but price is high for the mediocre quality of the elastic straps that break away
Jeffrey franklin 16 days ago
As described, work well, available, shipped promptly, and a reasonable cost making these surgical masks a great value.
Luis Hernandez 16 days ago
Nothing to add
Yvonne 17 days ago
These masks seem to be a little small, but I think they do the job. Who really knows with the new COVID19.
Judith OKULA 18 days ago
A little thinner when compared to the 3M product re/ear loops, other than that it is identical. It was a super value as they hav been unavailable in Massachusetts since Jan.
MarieAnn 18 days ago
We needed these and appreciate the quick delivery.?personal service for both orders was a plus!
Richard Hammes 20 days ago
stays in place well

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