DishFish Dual - Antimicrobial Extreme Cleaning Sponge, 4-Pack

Model: CP201-4 / Part: #188314

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DishFish is a revolutionary sponge!  This dual-sided, multipurpose sponge was made for the kitchen, but it's tough enough to use in the bathroom, all around the house and even outdoors. 

  • The non-scratch PowerCell scrubber side:
    • Is excellent at scouring off baked on food and grease and even cleans tough areas of lime build up in the bathroom sink and shower. 
    • Is Strong enough for outdoor uses such as the grille, grime on your car's paint and wheels, vinyl and painted siding, RV's, boats and so much more! Guaranteed not to scratch.
  • The ForeverFresh absorbent sponge side:
    • Is 6 times more absorbent than the leading brand sponge and lasts 10 times longer
    • Is Infused with ForeverFresh Antimicrobial to fight germ, bacteria and mold growth.
  • DishFish's ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand and into tight spaces such as glassware and corners. 
  • DishFish Stands on it's tail to dry quicker and stay fresher.
  • Unique PowerCell technology remains firm in cold water for tough scouring and softens in warm water for gentle scrubbing.


4.7 / 5 (14)
Joseph Dean 26 days ago
These last a long long time. We use them every day to wash dishes sometimes twice a day. They have never developed a smell. Nothing else has lasted this long with or without a smell. One lasts us between 3 to 4 months and still no smell. We just rinse them and hang back on the kitchen sink. No dishwasher. We have dishwashered, hand washed, rinsed and dried thoroughly everything else and everything else either smells like rotten crap or falls apart. We have a textured hard cutting board and this is the only thing to damage these sponges and its only after they are 3 to 4 months old. The damage is slight. We just start to see the sponge starting to come apart after scrubbing that one cutting board. And only once they already have a million miles on them. No complaints what so ever!
Barbara Rader 27 days ago
Fun little fish to make a quick clean up. Scrubby side works well too.
John OConnell 10 days ago
Not my favorite sponge, it does not soak up liquids like my other sponges
Robert Magovern 27 days ago
just received
Very nice dish sponges. They clean better than brand name sponges. Price is ok.
Sandy Allenson 0 day ago
These fish are fantastic. I thought they would be like other two-sided sponges, but they rinse clean no matter what crud you use them on. I bought 8 and made a gift of 2 to 2 friends. That leaves me 4 and I'll be back for more!!
m wolfe 15 days ago
These are very nice sponges. I would buy again.
Rita 20 days ago
Love these sponges. They are easy to hold and the sponge part is softer than the other types of sponges like this. Also, the "scraper" side is thicker than the other sponges, but not abrasive.
William ODell 10 days ago
I got the cleaning sponges as a free sample when I ordered some filters. They are fantastic and they are being used in my sink and I have given a few away to my brother to help him!!
James R Hollon 0 day ago
Really scrubbed baked on food ,New and old!!!
Penny Gauder 27 days ago
So far so good. No lingering odors after using for three weeks.
ram 22 days ago
works well but little expensive.
Dorothy Tate 27 days ago
Fun addition to kitchen cleaning, and work really well. Kids love to stand them on tail to dry
Daniel Chavez 27 days ago
They work great.

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