AIRx Bamboo Charcoal Odor Absorber - 3 pack

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  • Place anywhere to absorb odors and freshen air
  • Safe around Pets and Children
  • All natural
  • LARGE capacity - 1 pound bag! - 8"x8"
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AIRx Odor Absorber Bags - 24 pack
(case of 24 Bags) MFG#: AF2

AirX Odor Absorber is a convenient solution to odor problems. 

Use in your closet, bathroom, car, kitchen, pet area, childrens room, shoes etc. 

Highly activated bamboo carbon will absorb more than it's weight in odors.  Can last for years. 

Place outside in the sun for a day every six months to reactivate.

Handy eyelet allows it to hang anywhere, or just place it laying down. 


4.7 / 5 (19)
Gerard Albert 2 days ago
These are nice and effective for the price.
Barb M Bechtold 3 days ago
The day these arrived, a mouse had climbed inside and above a fireplace insert where I could not reach it, and died. The stench permeated the house. Because of a moisture problem in my house, I run several different kinds of air cleaners in different rooms and in my basement to offset mold odor that sometimes gets into my air. None of the air cleaners were helping with the dead mouse smell. I turned them all off, opened 2 of my AirX bags, put one at each end of my house, and left for a couple hours. When I returned, the air smelled fresh. No hint of the dead mouse stench. I moved the bag slightly away from against the fireplace and soon, could smell a light stench in that area only. I moved the AirX bag back against the fire place and there it will stay. There has been no odor from the dead mouse since placing it there. I bought these bags to overcome my periodic mold and/or mildew odor. The air x bags have also banished that. I am very impressed. No more annoying air mach
Jeffery W. Howard 26 days ago
I have not used long enough for a good review. But I think they will help with my allergy problem.
Lucille Baker 26 days ago
It has not been in place long but so far it is absorbing enough of the oder in the area it is placed. I would like to know how long it is estimated to work before replacing?
Esha A. Price-Cole 7 days ago
Great value for product and it serves its purpose well..
Lynne George 26 days ago
These AIRx bamboo bags are amazing!! I have 7 rescue cats so I’m always cleaning litter boxes :~}; and the “aroma” can get to be overwhelming, to say the least!! I hung a bag up in each litter area and...No More “Aroma”!!! These things are the greatest air deodorizers I’ve ever used. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They’re great in closets, too! L George
Terry Mitchell 11 days ago
We loved them and are going to order some more.
Gloria J Bailey 19 days ago
Seem to be working. Larger than some others I have bought.
Catherine E.Woodall 27 days ago
No instructions as to where to hang the bags.
Tangala Williams 16 days ago
I surprised at the size! I had a moldy smell from a water leak. The smell is gone completely. I had family over for the holidays they didn't smell anything. We smoke!! never heard of this product until I purchased the water filters!I was sold when I read that I could also place them in the sun in six months and reuse again! Waiting on my second order!
Tom Reaser 10 days ago
I was skeptical, however, they really do work wonders in the kitchen. Have bought more!
Marian McClain 4 days ago
Haven't had them long enough to tell much about how well they work, but happy just the same.
Gerry 8 days ago
I put one in my bathroom and I don't get that damp smell anymore, great product
Sally O Jegier 19 days ago
It does clean the smell of 3 large dogs out of the house, and even from the car.
Gerald Richards 8 days ago
We are smokers and with these in the car and we can’t smell the smoke anymore we also put them in the kitchen and when we fry something that lingers it doesn’t lingers for long and the room smells good again. We really like these and recommend to anyone.
Don Corpolongo 21 days ago
Great website and fast delivery Thanks
Wayne F. Wentworth 20 days ago
Seem to work really well
RICH SCOTT 15 days ago
They actually work! These are much larger than similarly priced carbon products I see at retail stores.
Virgene Cox 13 days ago
I've only had them for a short time, but I do believe they are actually working. I was skeptical and now I am pleasantly surprised.

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