Fiberglass 16" X 20" X 1" Panel Filter - Equipment Protection

Model: FG16x20x1 / Part: #187852

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16 x 20 x 1 Fiberglass Panel Filter
TOTAL $45.34 ( 12 Pack for $0.00 each )

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If you want to protect your HVAC system from dust and dirt, this is the filter for you!  Fiberglass panel filters are an inexpensive option that provide basic equipment protection and high airflow.  Ordering filters online is very convenient.  Purchase a case of fiberglass filters and we will deliver them to your door quickly!

  • Engineered for sturdy, economical performance and ease of use
  • Compression-resistant fiberglass media has high dust-holding capacity
  • Replace every 30 days under normal use
  • Made with pride in the USA
  • 100% free returns on all filters


5.0 / 5 (19)
Guest 20 days ago
Your Products are Perfect, pricing better than most, packaged very well, prompt delivery. All Excellent, with one exception! Too many Emails! 1-2 emails, are all I need, the Filters are what I shopped for & need. Thank you, for doing Great Work, it is Appreciated.???????
for your order Shirley Scarbrough 1 day ago
I love these filters. The only kind I use. I am so happy I can find them
TODD 2 days ago
I love your products, I can just order for the whole year at once ??????????
Mar Weski 13 days ago
I needed filters for my heating unit. Found this site online. Good Products, affordable pricing. I'm new in my residence and as soon as I can figure out what filter I need for the fridge, I'll be back to order. Recommend this seller.
Daniel Rice 22 days ago
They are perfect for monthly replacements.
for your order Shirley Scarbrough 16 days ago
I Love it.
Mario Maiorano 26 days ago
Ordered wrong size and they were fast to correct the ordering correction to the right size and product. Thank You customer service!
Diane Riegert 4 days ago
Very handy to order and good product.
Joseph Callender 14 days ago
The product was a lot cheaper, and less hassle trying to find the correct ones Thank you ?
Marty Hayes 18 days ago
It was on time
JACK R ROACH 0 day ago
Good value and fast delivery.
Deborah Haemmerle 9 days ago
A little expensive and it would have been nice to have an email to let me know it was shipped.
Deborah Tucker 22 days ago
Great because I received in a week.
Diane Bilnoski 15 days ago
Exactly what i needed
Marilyn 9 days ago
This is a great filter that eliminates the "bad stuff" from the air
Rusnak Lauren 9 days ago
Great product, cost effective and purchasing yearly supply with free shipping a huge plus.
Martha K. Stephenson 22 days ago
I don’t do reviews. Satisfied with product
Marilyn 12 days ago
Great product, great price, does a WONDERFUL job cleaning up the air pulled through the filter
Claudia Monigold 11 days ago
The fiberglass filters easily go into my furnace... I struggled with the pleated filters which my furnace guy told me not to use because they restrict airflow.

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