16x20x1 AIRx HEALTH Air Filter, 6-Pack

Model: 16x20x1-HEALTH / Part: #174269

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Protect more sensitive lungs

  • Highest rated filter to reduce most pollutants
  • Reduces pollen, dust, lint, dust mite debris, pet dander & mold spores
  • Lessens odors from car fumes & smoke
  • Removes bacteria & virus carriers
  • Creates cleaner indoor air
TOTAL $70.75 ( 6 Pack for $0.00 each )

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16x20x1 AIRx ODOR Air Filter - MERV 8 Carbon
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(case of 6 Filters) MFG#: 16x20x1-ALLERGY
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Is this the right air filter for you?

If you want to the ultimate solution to air quality concerns in your home, this is the air filter for you!  The charged synthetic media in the filter attracts and captures very small particles that can irritate your lungs. We offer a convenient shopping experience with air conditioner filters and furnace filters in your size.  We'll deliver your filters right to your front door!

  • Pleated media provides an extended surface area for highly-efficient filtration
  • MERV 13 rating means the filter removes 90% of particles from 1-3 microns in size (including bacteria and particles that carry viruses)
  • Meets "LEED" green building standards for new and existing buildings
  • Replace every 90 days under normal use
  • Made with pride in the USA
  • 100% free returns on all filters

What does this air filter remove?


Do you want to know about the technical specs?

Nominal Dimensions 16 x 20 x 1"
Actual Dimensions 15.5 x 19.5 x 0.75"
Filter Media Electrostatically charged 100% synthetic gradient media that does not support microbiological growth
Filter Support Grid 30 gauge galvanized expanded metal grid
Frame Moisture resistant double-wall beverage board
Max Temperature 180F (82C) continuous service, peak 225F (107C)
Max Humidity Resistant to 100% R.H.


4.8 / 5 (71)
Richard E Grady 17 days ago
Filter does a fantastic job at keeping the in my house clean
Scott Pierson 11 days ago
quick response and delivery, product lives up to the expectations listed in the description of the product
Frank Dowd 5 days ago
These are great filters. Unfortunately, I ordered two of the 16 x 20 x 1 12-packs, but received only one. I also ordered two of the 18 x 30 x 1, but received three of them. Not a problem, I will just put in a different order next time.
Product is cheaply made. The cardboard that makes up the filter is very weak, such that it came crushed in the mail. I now have a six pack of crushed filters ?
Sherry Baxter 12 days ago
Darren Housel 14 days ago
Quick, easy and very affordable. Terrific and convenient value.
Richard Kelley 9 days ago
These filters are well made and don't come apart and at a very good price.
Anita M Ziehl 14 days ago
Since finding discount filters I only buy my filters there
Geri Smith 30 days ago
Loved that the merv13 was available, especially since many people have wanted this during Covid 19. This was actually shipped more quickly than normal!
Petre Mihaylov 23 days ago
Good quality filters
Jerry Gilbert 7 days ago
Excellent value and great results.
Lois A Brewer 8 days ago
The filters arrived promptly and fit in the AC well. They appear to do a very good job of cleaning the air and keeping it fresh. A very good value for the price.
RICHARD SCOTT 9 days ago
I have a question but am not certain how to get it answered. I gave it a 4 star rating because of this q. While I am convinced the filter will keep the virus out, I am not certain as to whether or not it is stressing my A/C unit too much because of it using a more dense filter compared to my usual MERV 8. I guess time will tell.
Shelly L. Thomas-Eichorn 20 days ago
well I was going to say excellent quality and value, and they are. very fast shipping with no damage. I will definitely reorder. who do I ask to stock prefilters for my air purifier?
John DeNaples 5 days ago
Although I haven’t opened the latest shipment yet I rate these filters excellent because I have been using them for years with total satisfaction
Geri Smith 14 days ago
I love these filters! I live in an older mobile home which is not well sealed. I also have a dog that sheds a lot. I do have to change the filter monthly, but that's great, as I know that the filter is trapping all that dust and dander.
Christopher Vizi 5 days ago
this product helps get the dust out of the air that we have down in Texas
Andrew Ivovich 16 days ago
Filleted are as expected and a good price but they are shipped in a box that got damaged (hole in the side) and then left in the rain for hours. No apparent damage to the filters but they did get wet. Would be better if they were in a bag in the box.
Deborah 25 days ago
Love them! Works Great! Nuff said, so order yours, you will love them
Paola Francesca Gervasi 7 days ago
Seems to work great for out apartment (750 sq ft), for a full month.
Geri Smith 28 days ago
I have purchased these for myself before. I have a shedding dog and a cat. I love theseI didn't realize how much dust was in my home!
Geri Smith 20 days ago
I couldn't believe how thick and sturdy these filters are. So far, so good, and they were priced well below any big-box stores'.
Pauline 15 days ago
I like the quality and price of the product.
ROBERT McDERMOTT 30 days ago
the best for cleaner filter furnace air !!!!!!
David 15 days ago
seems to be good to go no issues
christine avena 27 days ago
I find them very clean effective, no problems with them so far

Protect more sensitive lungs

  • Highest rated filter to reduce most pollutants
  • Reduces pollen, dust, lint, dust mite debris, pet dander & mold spores
  • Lessens odors from car fumes & smoke
  • Removes bacteria & virus carriers
  • Creates cleaner indoor air

Replaces These Filters:

National Filter Sales: PF-03-162001-6

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