Bottle Bright ® Natural Cleaning Tablets - 12-Pack

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  • Cleans drinking water bottles, coffee tumblers, hydration reservoirs, lids, straws, etc.
  • Single pack of 12 all-natural cleaning tablets
  • Chlorine free, biodegradable, and evironmentatlly safe
  • No scrubbing required
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Bottle Bright ® Natural Cleaning Tablets - Single pack of 12 tablets.

Believe it or not, clean isn't synonymous with chemicals. That's why Bottle Bright® has ditched all those harsh, unfriendly substances and replaced them with nature's best. The result? A deeper, more powerful clean, naturally.

Perfect for coffee tumblers & water bottles: removes stubborn stains and odors giving your tumbler or bottle a new and fresh look and smell. Great for cleaning stainless steel bottles and mugs, hydration reservoirs, coolers, dishes at camp, hard to clean plastic containers and bottles.

Fill your bottle with warm water and drop in one Bottle Bright® tablet. Let it stand for 15-30 minutes while the fizzy bubbles do their magic. Then, empty the bottle and give it a quick rinse.


  • Pack of 12 tablets
  • Natural, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Safe to drink after cleaning without needing to rinse
  • Can be discarded outside without hurting the environment
  • Never alters the pH of water
  • Made in the USA

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