AIRx "Safe Zone" Room Air Purifier

Model: RAC001 / Part: #186063

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  • Pre-Filter + HEPA Filter + Granular Carbon + Formaldehyde Removing Catalyst + Ionizer
  • Turns a room into a "Safer Air Zone"
  • Ideal for allergy/asthma sufferers, babies, immune sensitive and elderly
  • Cleans Up to 400 sq. ft. efficiently - CADR 188
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The AIRx "Safe Zone" purifier is your prescription for cleaner, healthier air in a confined space such as a bedroom, babies room, apartment or dorm room. It is compact, yet very powerful with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 188. In addition, the AIRx filters out harmful chemicals and sanitizes the air. Easy operation has three fan speeds, timer and sleep mode for quiet operation and minimal light. Compare to units at much higher prices. Replacement filter costs are also very affordable.

We inhale approximately 15,000 quarts of air every day. 90% of our time is spent indoors. Make sure you're giving your body clean air to boost your physical and mental health. EPA statistics indicate that indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental dangers. The American Heart Association has linked Asthma, Allergy problems, lung cancer and heart issues to poor air quality.

The AIRx "Safe Zone" offers five stages of filtration:

  1. Pre-filter traps dust, pollen, fibers, dust mite debris, skin cells, etc.
  2. HEPA pleated filter reduces particles down to .3 microns (viruses, mold spores, pet dander, etc)
  3. Activated carbon granules remove odors and harmful chemical pollutants - 10x's the capacity of carbon pad filters.
  4. Cold catalyst final layer removes volatile organic molecules such as formaldehyde
  5. Ion generator creates sanitizing ion to inactivate germs, mold and other toxins. The AIRx "Safe Zone" creates 10 million ions per cubic meter to draw in dust, attach microbes, viruses and mold spores.


  • Filter life is approximately 6 months (we recommend that you vacuum the blue pre-filter layer monthly)
  • All three timer buttons will blink as a filter change reminder. Once you have replaced the filter, hold the "Timer" and "Speed" button down for 3 seconds
  • Dimensions: 21" H x 13" W x 7" D


4.5 / 5 (13)
Carole B 14 days ago
I received one of these for Christmas a couple years ago and liked it so well that I bought a second one. It is adjustable for almost no noise and other adjustments are very useful. It does a really good job of cleaning the air and would recommend it for rooms about 15 x 15.
Sandra VanEvery 25 days ago
Happy with purchase. Very quiet. Allergies much improved
Dennis Fleckenstein 8 days ago
As advertised.
RICH SCOTT 22 days ago
The air actually smells better. Perfect size for our bedroom. Quiet.
Pedro Anguiano 23 days ago
We are really enjoying this air purifier. It is quite and very efficient.
CustomerRd4man 1 day ago
On the low speed it is hardly noticeable, doesn't interrupt sleep. The room smells fresh upon waking
Lance H 27 days ago
Very quite. Moves plenty of air. Blue lights are annoying when you are trying to sleep. It would be nice if sleep mode triggered a more subdued light.
RICH SCOTT 11 days ago
This is the second unit I bought because my son liked the first one so much he wouldn't let me take it out of his room for our bedroom. He said it made his room smell better. That's a pretty big statement for a teenager! We love it. Blends into the room and is quiet yet sucks out the dust and odors.
RICH SCOTT 15 days ago
Amazing performance for the price. The streamline look and size help it blend into our decor.
Thomas Smith 18 days ago
Have noticed no change in our bedroom since purchase
Jorge L Carreras 19 days ago
Awesome product and good price
Ireta Kramer 9 days ago
I originally bought this air purifier for my son's apartment to hopefully get rid of some unpleasant odors/stale air/ dust/ allergens, etc. I haven't given it to him yet as I have been using it in my own bedroom. I really like it so far. It is quiet and produces a refreshing air outflow...... hopefully trapping all the contaminants in its filter. I plan to buy another one for my son.
Sergio Aragon 20 days ago
Nice looking, very quiet on low setting, suitable for sleeping with it going on all night. Can turn ion generator off push button if concerned about ozone, through company claims it doesn't produce any. Cleaned air in the house, but moved it from room to room to achieve that. Seems to work very well and the price is much below other brands. Bought two units and very satisfied. Discountfilters has good customer support, answering questions well.

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